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Product Details : Walk - In - Incubators

Walk - In - Incubators

Product Name :

Walk - In - Incubators


Catalog No :

SI 14



Walk - In - Incubators:-

Designed for vast number of incubation applications. Can be installed even in hallway room or wherever Convenient. Design feature includes feature includes enameled mild steel sheet exterior. Aluminum / Stainless steel, Interior ventilators, internal lighting, exhaust fan etc. Suitable insulated 300 mm sq. inspection window at the door permits inside view with –out opening the door. Complete with panel. Pre fabricated at factory assembled at site. Complete with cord and plug to work on 220V single phase 50 Hz AC supply. Temperature range from 5° C above ambient to 60° C± 1°C. Controlled with humidity up to 95% ± 5%.

Available Sizes (W x H x D)         

a) 1.1x 2.3x1.1 meter.           

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