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Product Details : Vertical Refrigerator

Vertical Refrigerator

Product Name :

Vertical Refrigerator


Catalog No :

CKE 51



Vertical Refrigerator:-

Double wall construction. Outer & Inner  chamber made of stainless steel sheet. Supplied with three removable perforted shelves. Outer double wall door is provided with magnetic gasket and lock & key arrangement. For Blocking cooling puff insulation has been added. Hermetically sealed compressor serves refrigeration unit to maintain temperature range from ambient temperature to 4 degree C. A control panel is provide with various indicators, on-off switch. Thermostat controlled. Supplied with cord and plug etc. To work on 220VAC Hz single phase. 

Size In Inches (Outer)

a) 36”x30”x60” (2 door)

b)36”x30”x60” (3 door)

c) 48”x30”x72” (3 door)

d) 48”x30”x72” (4 door)

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