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Product Details : Tray Dryer Shaking Incubator

Tray Dryer Shaking Incubator

Product Name :

Tray Dryer Shaking Incubator


Catalog No :

SI 42



Tray Dryer Shaking Incubator:-

Standard double wall Construction. Outer Body & Inner Double Chamber made of  stainless steel. The door is provided with glass full view window. Interchangeable platform has been provided. Temperature range 5°C above ambient to 90°C  controller with light arrangement.Interchangeable platform has been provided. Variable speed control regulator controls the speed up to 200rpm supplied complete to work on 220V AC 50Hz single phase. 

Chamber Size in MM

Tray Capacity 

a). 430 x 840 x 650  

8 trays of 16”x32”x1¼ size.

b). 430 x 840 x 910  

12 trays of 16”x32”x1¼  size.

c). 910 x 840 x 910   

24 trays  of 16”x32”x1¼ size.

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