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Product Details : Thawing Water Bath

Thawing Water Bath

Product Name :

Thawing Water Bath


Catalog No :

SI 07



Thawing Water Bath:-

Temperature range from ambient temperature to 80° C. Digital temp. control with accuracy of ± 0.5° C to 1° C. Double walled, inner and outer body is made of stainless steel sheet Bath consists of two pilot lamps.

Digital Temperature  control and on/off switch. To work on 220/230 volts A.C. Supplied with or without stirring arrangement, without racks and thermometer. Lid of water.

Bath is made of stainless steel sheet. 

Size inside Chamber

Capacity (Approx)  

a). 300x175x175mm

12 ltrs.

b). 300x250x175mm  

14 ltrs.

c). 375x300x175mm  

18 ltrs.

d). 455x300x175mm  

25 ltrs.

e). 605x300x175mm  

32 ltrs.

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