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Product Details : Plant Growth Chamber (Small)

Plant Growth Chamber (Small)

Product Name :

Plant Growth Chamber (Small)


Catalog No :

SI 19



Plant Growth Chamber (Small):-

Inside made of stainless steel sheet. Outside mild steel sheet with finished in white stoving enamel/powder coated paint with mat finished colour combinations. Fitted with cooling, heating and lighting arrangements. Temperature range 5° C to 50°C± 1°C. Temperature can be obtained from 15°C to 50°C ± 1C when all lights from two sides and top are ‘ON’. Temperature is controlled by DUAL temperature electronic digital temperature controller-cum-indicator to set two temperatures for day and night. Above Growth chamber is completer with humidity control from 55% to 95% RH. Light intensity can be adjusted controller according to requirement and humidity shall be controlled by humidistat. Complete with 0-24 hrs. Timer to work on 220/230 volts 50 cycles A.C. only.


Size (W x H x D)

 Capacity in cu.ft

 Capacity in Liters.

a) 570 x 875  x 550mm       

10 cu.ft.             

280 Ltrs.

b) 775 x 900  x 775mm  

20 cu.ft.           

560 Ltrs.

c) 825 x1200 x 825mm       

30 cu.ft.           

840 Ltrs.

d) 900  x1720 x 800mm     

45.8 cu.ft.        

1282 Ltrs.



i). Electronics Digital Indicator cum Humidity Controller and Temperature  Controller.

ii). Microprocessor PID digital temp. Indicator cum Controller.                                         

iii). Automatic Voltage Stabilizer (Recommended).                                     

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