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Product Details : Planetary Mixer

Planetary Mixer

Product Name :

Planetary Mixer


Catalog No :

CKE 63



Planetary Mixer:-

We manufacture and export high range of Planetary Mixer, The product which we manufacture has additional features like easy to operate, smooth in performance. Some of our products are also used in cosmetic industry that uses high grade materials to ensure high quality standards. Before export we make sure of proper functioning of the product to reach customer satisfaction.

Planetary Mixer is often called a vertical mixer because the mixing attachment comes straight down into the bowl and it rotates on a vertical axis. The planetary term describes the "dual" rotation of the mixing action where the agitator rotates on its shaft while the whole shaft makes a circular motion around the mixing bowl. These are the most versatile type of mixers because they usually have interchangeable agitators to suit different products - e.g. dough hook for yeast raised dough's, flat beaters for batters and wire whip for whipped cream or some cake batters.



20 lt.


40 lt.

2 HP

60 lt.

3 HP


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