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Product Details : Mortuary Chambers

Mortuary Chambers

Product Name :

Mortuary Chambers


Catalog No :

SI 22



Mortuary Chambers:-

Mortuary storage system is designed for storing cadaverous under cool condition to prevent decomposition. These are latest development in mortuary technology offering vast space saving advantage over the conventional type together with greater hygiene. Useful for hospitals, Railways & Airports etc.

¢Outer Chamber  :  Complete Stainless Steel 202 Grade (22 Gauge)
¢Inner Chamber  :  Complete Stainless Steel 304 Grade (18 Gauge)
¢External Dimensions (WxDxH in mm) : 2946x2362x1745 mm.     
¢Doors          :  Front opening, chrome plated hinged insulated doors lined with magnetic gasket, handle and lock arrangement with keys in duplicate for individual dead bodies.
¢Compressor       :  Temperature is maintained by hermetically sealed compressor unit and is controlled by an automatic electronic solid state digital temperature controller cum indicator. Hermetically Sealed make Emerson Copland ,Tecumseh India.
¢Temp. Controller  :  Digital Temp. Indicator–cum–Controller
¢Temp. Range  :       Temperature range ambient temperature 35°C to 2°C. Up Down Temp. 2°C to 5°C.
¢Panel                              :  Top mounted fitted with box & name plate. Digital Temperature Controller,  Amp. Meter, Voltmeter, ON / OFF Rotary Switch.
¢Copper tube                  :  Fins type coil with copper tube 
¢Puff Insulation             :  Insulation with 75mm thick puff panel.
¢Inner Tray                     : MS powder coated telescopic structure sliding in the fixed channel with the cabinet each to hold 120kgs of weight when it is stretched fully out
¢220V, 1 Phase, 50 cycles, AC. Equipment is supplied  Complete with cord and plug.
¢Double-walled with SS Sheet/ Pre-fabricated panels for outer surface 202 and stainless steel inner chamber 304 with puff insulation in between.
¢Trays to carry dead bodies with handles at both ends travel on rollers fitted for easy movement.
¢Temperature controller is mounted on front panel, provided on front top, along with pilot lamp, main switch etc. Supplied complete with trays, cord and plug. Suitable to work on 220V, single phase, 50Hz, Ac supply.



Single Bodies

2 °C to 5°C     

Two Bodies

2 °C to 5°C     

Three Bodies

2 °C to 5°C     

Four Bodies

2 °C to 5°C     

 Six Bodies

2 °C to 5°C     

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