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Product Details : Lyopholizer (freeze Dryer)

Lyopholizer (freeze Dryer)

Product Name :

Lyopholizer (freeze Dryer)


Catalog No :

SI 21



Lyopholizer (Freeze Dryer):-

Bottom includes angle iron frame, and for movement castor wheels are installed. Outer body is made thick M.S (Mid-Steel).Top Base is of Stainless Steel Sheet. Double wall construction drum. Inner drum is made of S.S sheet (Grade 304), Outer(Grade 202). Vacuum pump capacity= 100lt/m.

The Unit has hermetically sealed compressor to maintain temperature up to minus 40 Degree C. Temperature control by electronic digital cum indicator with electronic vacuum indicator. It will have secondary chamber for 6 test & 12 test.             


Compressor        :Hermetically sealed compressor, make  Emerson / Tecumseh .

Condenser:  Air cooled.

Condenser Fan Motor: Induction/Axial flow Type.

Drier/ Filter                 :  Molecular sieve Type.

Expansion Device            :Capillary Tube & Thermostatic expansion valve.

Refrigerant:- CFC free, 404 A

Evaporator:- Around drum soldering is done with copper tube.

Construction Panel : Fitted with name plate.

Temperature Meter   :  Digital Controller.

Voltage                                 : Single Phase 220 – 240 Volts 50Hz. AC Supply.

Outer finish               :  Powder coated.



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