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Product Details : Desert Cooler Test Rig

Desert Cooler Test Rig

Product Name :

Desert Cooler Test Rig


Catalog No :

R.A.C 44



Desert Cooler Test Rig:-

Desert Cooler Trainer works on the principle of evaporative cooling. It is used mostly in the dry hot regions; it consists of a fan which sucks the air from atmosphere through the pads which are used in desert coolers very frequently. The difference in DBT & WBT at inlet and outlet can be measured hence the RH from the charts. Also the amount of water evaporated can be calculated by knowing the water level difference in the reservoir.

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  1. Fan connected to 1/2 HP motor.
  2. Air Cooler Pump to circulate water.
  3. DBT & WBT Measuring Thermometer at inlet and outlet.
  4. Orifice meter with manometer to measure the air flow. 

A technical manual accompanies the breitling fake watches uk unit.

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