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Product Details : Cold Storage Trainer

Cold Storage Trainer

Product Name :

Cold Storage Trainer


Catalog No :

R.A.C 33



Cold Storage Trainer:-


This unit consists of a hermetically sealed compressor with air cooled condenser. A capillary or expansion valves are next to condensers followed by medium temperature evaporators. Electrical energy supplied to the compressor can be measured by energy meter. This Test Rig is used to perform the following experiments. 




Emerson  / Tecumshah Hermetically sealed compressor capacity

Compressor Capacity       

0.8 Ton


Suitable for above compressor with suitable cooling fan & Fins and copper Tube Air Cooled.


Structure Size (Inner)      

30mm x30mm x 48mm (Approx.)

Cold Storage Room          

Inner chamber GP Sheet & Outer Stainless steel with insulated.

Expansion Device            

Capillary Tube & Filter / Drier

Pressure Gauge

2 Nos. for high and low pressure

Service valves                 

4 Nos. Hand set valve


Freon – 12 /134a


Suitable for Compressor capacity Glass tube Rotameter.

Control Panel

1.       Main Switch

2.       Voltmeter Digital type – 1 Nos.

3.       Amp. Meter Digital type – 1 Nos.

4.       Energy Meter for Compressor input.

5.       Switches Indication Lights etc.

6.       H.P. / L.P. cut out

7.       Digital Temperature Indicator: 5 Nos.

8.       Temperature Sensor (Thermocouple) : 5 Nos.

9.       Voltage - Single Phase 220 Volts 50Hz. AC Supply.

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