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Product Details : -80 Deep Freezer

-80 Deep Freezer

Product Name :

-80 Deep Freezer


Catalog No :

SI 44



-80 Degree Deep Freezer :-

Double wall construction. Inner chamber  made of stainless steel sheet. Exterior made out of thick mild steel  sheet / Stainless Steel  duly finished in white stoving enamel/powder coated paint with finished Colour combinations. Outer double wall door is provided. Temperature working Ambient 30 Degree to -80 Degree.  A control panel is provide with various indicators, on-off switch. Digital Temperature Control . Supplied with cord and plug etc. To work on 220VAC Hz single phase.


Inner Chamber Size in mm

Capacity (Approx.)

a) 505x415x830

150 Ltrs.

b) 650x580x900

300 Ltrs.


Complete With:-

i)  Digital Temp Indicator cum controller

ii)  Manual Volt meter & On- Off Switch

iii) Automatic Voltage Stabilizer (Optional Extra cost)


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